Literature and the Wadden Sea

Collaborations with visitor centres

If the course features a collaboration with visitor centres or other (public facing) organisations focussing on the Wadden Sea, this collaboration may involve students producing output for organisations that can also be used for assessment. This type of assessment will need to be agreed upon with a contact in the organisation. Examples of output students may produce include, but are not limited to: audio guides, exhibition content or blog posts. You can find resources on visitor centres and other organisations on the website of the International Wadden Sea School.

To ensure the academic quality of the assignment and also that the focus remains with academic skills rather than technical (or creative) skills, it may be useful to pair the creative assignment with a more traditional form of assessment, such as an oral exam, written response paper or simple commentary, in which students reflect on their creative work. In case students are allowed and choose to create projects that require technical skills they do not yet have, educators are advised to beware that students may be tempted to spend a lot of time and resources on developing those technical skills, rather than on the academic skills that the course focuses on. They are advised to clearly address this issue, and their expectations of students, in class.

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