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Field trip organisation

If students are given clear instructions, they can organise Field trips by themselves, and this may form part of assessment. Students will need to be informed of important details that shape the field trip, including but not limited to budget, date(s) and time(s), any university regulations on field trips and type of field trip (different types are outlined in the Field trip units section of this syllabus). Other details may be left open or be decided in advance by the educator. The Closing physical field trip, a Connecting physical field trip, a Virtual field trip or an Imaginative field trip may all be suited for this form of assessment.

A note on accessibility: Different kinds of field trips may be challenging to attend for some students. Educators are encouraged to discuss accessibility with students organising a field trip, to stress that some of their fellow students may have particular needs that make participating in field trips challenging, and to let students make sure that everyone can have a full experience of the field trip. Questions of accessibility apply to issues such as disability, finances, caring responsibilities, and climate awareness.

To ensure adequate assessment, a written or oral reflection on the field trip and its organisation may also be part of this project.

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