Literature and the Wadden Sea

Field trip units

These units introduce students to the Wadden Sea environment, directly and physically but also more remotely, through the means of field trips to sites located away from the Wadden Sea, virtual or imaginative field trips. All field trips invite reflection on the production of space and sense of place, and the role of mediation in this. This may be enhanced if multiple field trip units are incorporated into a course. A combination of the Closing physical field trip, the Virtual field trip and/or the Imaginative field trip, for example, may work well with the thematic unit Mediating place attachment.

A variety of field trips may be organised not by the educator but by students, and Field trip organisation may also form part of assessment. The below units Closing physical field trip, a Connecting field trip, a Virtual field trip or an Imaginative field trip may be suitable for organisation by students. Other forms of Assessment may also be linked to different field trips.

A note on accessibility: Different kinds of field trips may be challenging to attend for some students. Educators are encouraged to consider that students may enroll or be enrolled who have particular needs that make participating in field trips challenging, and to work with students to make sure they can have a full experience of the field trip. Questions of accessibility apply to issues such as disability, finances, caring responsibilities, and climate awareness.

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