Literature and the Wadden Sea

Mediating place attachment

This unit investigates how place attachment is mediated in different cultural products. The approach to media and place attachment may be twofold: students can investigate both what role place and attachment to place have in different media, and how place and place attachment work differently in different media. They may then also reflect on how their own sense of place is affected by their encounters with different media.

Courses may include a wide variety of media, including, but not limited to, literature, film, picture books, visual art, theatre and music. Suggestions for products in some of these media are given below. Guest lectures by colleagues in other departments than literature, including art, media and performance, may be particularly suitable for this unit.

Suggested secondary readings:

Duvall, John A. “Documenting the Environment” and “Ecocritical Perspectives.” The Environmental Documentary: Cinema Activism in the Twenty-First Century. New York and London: Bloomsbury, 2017. 7-23; 25-33.

Lübbren, Nina. “Landscapes of Immersion.” Rural Artists’ Colonies in Europe, 1870-1910. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2001. 98-114.

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Northrup, Mary. “The Picture Book: Where Words And Art Come Together.” Picture Books for Children: Fiction, Folktalkes, and Poetry. Chicago: ALA Editions, 2012. 1-17.

Suggested primary readings:

NL (DE) Brill, Yvonne. Wadje de zeehond. Leeuwarden: Uitgeverij Noordboek, 2015.

NL Busser, Geurt. Uit liefde. Voor stugge grootsheid, stille innige schoonheid, en stormachtig wild leven. Groningen: Philip Elchers, 2018.

NL Fienieg, Annette and Piet Duizer. Het grote zeeboek: Alles wat je wilt weten over de Noordzee en de Waddenzee. Thorn: Cyclone, 2011.

NL de Pous, Irene. Yaru makki’s reis. Zeist: KNNV Uitgeverij, 2019.

Silence of the Tides. Directed by Pieter-Rim de Kroon, Windmill Film, 2020. 

NL, FRI Steenbruggen, Han and Ernst Bruinsma. Improvisaties op wind water wad. Heerenveen-Oranjewoud, Museum Belvédère, 2015.

NL (DE, EN) Het Wad. Directed by Ruben Smit, BNNVARA and Ruben Smit Productions, 2020.

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