Literature and the Wadden Sea


This syllabus is a collaborative project that was created by Eveline de Smalen with help from Katie Ritson and input from Anders Ehlers Dam, Sander van Dijk, Linde Egberts, Frederike Felcht, Jens Kramshøj Flinker, Anat Harel, Femke Kramer, Anne Husum Marboe, Solvejg Nitzke, Meindert Schroor, Gwenda van der Vaart, Hannah Wilting and Anna-Katharina Wöbse.

Please get in touch if you have any comments, questions or suggestions regarding this syllabus. If you incorporate elements from it into your teaching, we would also be very excited to hear from you. We would also love to feature your syllabus on our website under More resources if you are happy to share it.

You can email Eveline de Smalen at eveline.desmalen [at] or contact her on Twitter @evelinedesmalen.

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