Literature and the Wadden Sea

Perspectives and place attachment

This unit focuses on the ways place attachment is influenced by perspective, specifically the perspective of insiders versus outsiders to the Wadden Sea area: for example, local residents and tourists. It may consider questions such as how place attachment is figured by authors, narrators and characters who are insiders or outsiders in the area, who gets to be considered an insider or outsider, and on what basis, and whose perspective seems to be privileged in specific texts and across the body of Danish, German and/or Dutch literature. In this, it may pay attention to questions of gender, class and race. The field of coastal history and its explorations of the changing positions of the Wadden Sea area and communities living there in societies in what are now Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands and beyond may also be relevant to this unit. It may provide additional insights into how the question of who is seen as insider and outsider and whose position is privileged in different debates is influenced by historical events and trajectories.

The question of perspective touches on a number of issues relevant to management and policy in the Wadden Sea today, including stakeholder management (and the question of who gets to be a stakeholder) and tourism. These are topics that the course may engage with and that may form the basis of a problem-based learning project.

Suggested secondary readings:

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