Literature and the Wadden Sea

Small tasks

These are short, relatively restricted and guided tasks that may form a (likely relatively small) part of the course assessment.

  • Journal: Students keep a journal throughout the course, recording their thoughts about the Wadden Sea area in general, and responses to course materials, field site visits and other interactions, mental or physical, with the course and its topics. Thus, students can reflect on their position as individual subjects vis-à-vis the Wadden Sea, and track their progress in critical thinking throughout the course. The journaling assignment can be kept open-ended or include structured tasks, either for the journal as a whole, or for specific weekly themes. If open-ended, assessment may include a brief final response in which students reflect on their progress throughout the course. This assessment is particularly suitable in combination with one or more Field trip units, as well as in combination with the thematic units including but not limited to Language and text, Mediating place attachment, Genre and place attachment and Perspectives and place attachment.

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