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This website is a template for a syllabus on literature and the Wadden Sea. The Wadden Sea is a multifaceted, dynamic and endlessly fascinating place, and there are too many elements in this template to fit into a single course. Instead of it providing a week-by-week blueprint to follow, it is meant to help you design a course that fits your needs, and those of your students and department. Feel free to pick and choose, combining different elements to form a full course, or borrow single elements to introduce into a new or existing syllabus on a related topic. The units are designed for a seminar-type course that includes readings and classroom discussions and many units include a list of primary and secondary reading suggestions, from which educators may choose the ones they find most relevant or useful. You are very welcome to play around with what you find here. You may also find this website useful as a guideline for creating a course on a different national park, heritage site or other (protected) area.

A note on languages: Many languages are spoken along the Wadden Sea coasts. Besides Danish, German and Dutch, we find Frisian and a variety of regional languages. This provides a challenge for teaching Wadden Sea literature. On this website, you will find reading suggestions in different languages. We have made provisions so that there are sufficient resources for teaching any unit to speakers of English and either Danish, German or Dutch. References to texts in languages other than English are preceded by an indicator of the text’s language. If translations of the text are available in another Wadden Sea language or English, this will be indicated in parentheses. For example:

NL (DE, DK) Heijmans, Toine. Op zee. Amsterdam: Pluim, 2011.

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